Why do I have to register to vote?
Registering to vote will allow Alberta Canola  to verify eligible voters (those who sold canola and paid a service charge on canola to Alberta Canola since August 1, 2020), and to collect the required contact information including the designated representative of a corporation, partnership, or organization to maintain the integrity of the voting process.


Growers attending online will vote at the 2023 Annual General Meeting. Voting will be conducted electronically using Zoom's polling feature.

Only canola growers that have registered to vote will be joining the meeting using Zoom. This will include exclusive access to the polling and the question/answer features.


Growers attending in-person will vote at the 2023 Annual General Meeting using the traditional method of raising a voting card.

Growers attending in person are still encouraged to register to vote in advance. This will streamline voter registration at the meeting and voting at future AGM's

VOTER REGISTRATION CLOSES AT 4:00pm on January 10, 2023 for online attendees.

What if I registered to vote previously?

Farmers who have previously completed this voter verification process do not need to re-register. You are a verified voter, provided that you sold canola and paid a service charge on canola to Alberta Canola since August 1, 2020.

If you have any questions about your voter verification status or would like to make changes to your farm's designated voting representative or their contact information, please contact Rick Taillieu at 780-678-6167 or

What happens to the information I provide and how is it used?
  • The information collected when you register to vote will first be used to verify eligible voters. 
  • Alberta Canola will send a Zoom link to the email address of the designated voter of each eligible voter.
  • Alberta Canola will never share the information collected during the AGM with anyone outside of Alberta Canola.
Questions about governance, director elections, or resolutions please contact:
Karla Bergstrom, Executive Director
Questions about electronic voting please contact:
Rick Taillieu, Director of Engagement & Analytics
Questions for your regional director?
click here for contact information and you can find information on the regions here