Keith Gabert
Agronomy Specialist - Canola Council of Canada
2020 Canola Vision - Crop scouting tips for keeping the good while  avoiding the bad and ugly from 2019
What would your crop text as a scouting report picture each week?  Keith will present a series of “speed scouting photos” from across the canola growing  season.  If your crop could text you pictures of what might  keep it up at night worrying -  this presentation is what it would tell you! Keith will touch on stand establishment, insects, diseases (including blackleg and clubroot, plus liming for soil pH adjustment and clubroot suppression. 
Scott Meers
Insect Management Specialist - Alberta Agriculture & Forestry
2020 Vision - Insects to watch
Insect forecasts show many things, and not all have yet come to pass. Some may never come to be but that is the beauty of forecasts, we prepare and do our best with what we know.
Greg Kostal
Market Analyst - Kostal Ag Consulting
A look ahead into our grain and oilseed commodity space
What happens when mix politics and perception with price?  Greg will explain how price discovery has changed, what it means going forward and what you can do about it.
Lindsey Nichol
Farm Management Consultant - MNP
Managing cash flow to manage the bank 
Are you farming for a profit?  Do you know your per acre costs?  Farms must do so in order to determine if you farm can generate enough cash flow to service debt. What is your bank looking at?  Do you have enough cash flow to service the current portion of your long term debt?  What is a current ratio and why is it important to you and your bank?  Is your operating line always at the max?  Can you afford the next piece of equipment or land that comes up and how long should you finance it over? These issues can be addressed by working with quality advisors to help manage the bank.
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