Gregory Sekulic
agronomy Specialist - Canola Council of Canada
Tossing the gauntlet: Three agronomic challenges
In a series of photographs, pantomime, and raw data Gregory will issue three challenges – and their solutions - to both producers and agronomists.
  1. Achieve 75% Survival of canola seeds, from planting through to harvest.
  2. Keep Clubroot levels below 1000 spores per gram.
  3. Farm fewer acres to make more profit.
Mike Jubinville
Senior Market Analyst, MarketsFarm, Glacier Farmmedia
Navigating grain markets in turbulent political times
Politically-inspired trade tensions have altered the natural flow of food commodities globally. Are we looking at the new reality in grain marketing or a temporary blip? We’ll review the market conditions for oilseeds, grains and pulse crops.
Jennifer Otani

Pest Management Biologist - Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

Beaverlodge Research Centre: We may not be big but we’re small
Jennifer will provide an update on the Beaverlodge Research Farm’s continued evolution in programs and staff, she will share some insect pest data from ongoing research (flea beetles, Lygus, canola-canopy arthropods), and she will highlight some of the important tech-transfer events the program and Farm has contributed to over the past year.
Dave Gallant

Director, Finance and Operations - Canadian Canola Growers Association

Three big changes for cash advances in 2019
You have enough on your mind!  Learn about three big changes to the Advance Payments Program in 2019 that will help canola farmers manage cash flow during times of uncertainty. Celebrating 35 years of issuing cash advances in 2019, CCGA’s Dave Gallant will cover the facts and misconceptions about cash advances.
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