Who can attend the Powering Your Profits events?
The powering your profits events are open to all canola growers and those that work with them. Canola growers can choose to attend any Powering Your Profits event regardless of where it is located. The invitations mailed to growers was for the meeting in their region.
Is there a charge to Attend Powering Your Profits events? Is lunch provided?
There is no charge to attend a Powering Your Profits event, and lunch is provided. Please pre-register so that we can ensure enough food is available.
Are there elections or a business meeting at the Powering Your Profits events?
There is no formal business meeting, elections or voting on resolutions. In the event of a director election within the region, candidates will be given 5 minutes to introduce themselves to attendees and share why they are seeking election. Voting is done by ballots mailed to all canola growers within the region.
How does a grower bring forward a resolution to the Alberta Canola Producers Commission?
Resolutions must be received in writing at the Alberta Canola office 10 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
Will Pesticide Applicator, CCA, CCSC or other continuing education credits be available?
No continuing education credits will be applied for.
Where can I learn more about Alberta Canola?
Visit us at