​Empowering farmers to maximize their canola profitability.
​​​The grade and dockage your​ canola receives directly affects your bottom line.
Understanding the process for cleaning and assessing dockage in canola, and the factors impacting grading, will help you follow along at the elevator and have confidence in the outcome.

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Why keep it clean?
​​​Our domestic processors, grain buyers and export customers trust the quality and cleanliness of these crops, but are increasingly testing shipments with highly sensitive equipment for levels of pesticide residues and traces of disease to ensure they comply with set maximum residue limits (MRLs). Additional challenges include different MRLs around the world and a country’s potential refusal to accept any residues until a standard is in place.​

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Official grades, the harvest sample program, dispute mechanisms and more
​​​The Canadian Grain Commission regulates grain handling in Canada and establishes and maintains science-based standards of quality for Canadian grain. Our research, programs and services help support Canada’s reputation as a consistent and reliable source of high-quality grain.

The Canadian Grain Commission works to

  • deliver grain quality and quantity assurance programs for exports of Canadian grain
  • carry out scientific research to understand all aspects of grain quality and grain safety
  • establish and maintain Canada’s science-based grain grading system
  • ensure farmers receive fair compensation for their grain

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