Keith Gabert
Agronomy Specialist - Canola Council of Canada
Canola production challenges in 2019
How to manage canola production challenges and what you need to know about canola agronomy for 2020.
Mark Walker

Manager, Policy Development - Canadian Canola Growers Association

Arming advocacy with data: Election priorities, biofuels, water monitoring & neonics 
Advocating on issues that are important to the profitability of Canada’s canola farmers is a top priority at CCGA. Mark Walker will talk about work underway to bring canola farmers’ issues to Ottawa including election priorities in 2019, diversifying markets with biofuels, and in-field research in defense of sustainable use of neonics.
Greg Kostal
Market Analyst - Kostal Ag Consulting
A look ahead into our grain and oilseed commodity space
What happens when mix politics and perception with price?  Greg will explain how price discovery has changed, what it means going forward and what you can do about it.
Ebony Verbonac
Partner, Enterprise - KPMG
Hayley Hilz
Manager, Enterprise - KPMG
Risky business - a look at two common risk management tools
Ebony & Hayley will specifically focus on two common risk management tools: AgriStability and Global Ag Risk Solutions, with some brief discussion on other options available. In our analysis we will take a look at the differences and the payout opportunities of both tools.
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