Full Name
Jennifer Dyck
Job Title
Program Co-Lead
Farm Name / Company
National Canola Marketing Program
Speaker Bio
Jennifer Dyck is a Professional Home Economist, has worked on behalf of farmers for over 15 years and is the Market Development Director for Manitoba Canola Growers Association. She also co-leads the National Canola Marketing Program best known as Canola Eat Well and funded by Alberta Canola, SaskCanola and Manitoba Canola Growers.

While living in a city, working for canola farmers allows Jennifer to stay connected to her Prairie roots and regularly learn first-hand from the farmers growing ingredients for our kitchens. She consistently expands her food knowledge and embraces a lifelong food journey of learning. As a person who loves experiential learning opportunities, she takes great pride in creating hands-on learning experiences for diverse groups of people.

Jennifer is the newest canola food expert on the Great Tastes of Manitoba cooking show, the longest running cooking show in Canadian history with 32 consecutive years on air.

Follow Jennifer online, mostly Instagram these days, where you can learn kitchen tips, become inspired to create more often and connect with the many amazing humans she features and connects into her stories. @jeniferdyck
Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor of Human Ecology from the University of Manitoba.

When she's not talking about or eating food you'll find her chauffeuring teens, staying active, flexing her creative muscles typically with fabric, out in her garden or enjoying nature at the lake with her two teenage boys and husband.
Jennifer Dyck